Aunt Phoebe’s Perch

Aunt Phoebe’s Perch Log Cabin

A sense of distance.

A truly unique experience for those who feel the pull of simpler times.  Discover the comfort and charm of an authentic Ozark log cabin.  Every detail has be attended with all linens provided.  Bring only your personal things.  The cabin is fully outfitted with cooking, heating and food cooling.  But there is no electricity ala 1800’s.  So, of course, there is no TV — no modern distractions —  just the lull of the land and the woods and an inspiring view from the spacious porch.   Oh yes, and snuggly soft nights in the sleeping loft and the songs of coyotes in the distance, owl hoots and the call of the whippoorwill.

The cabin is secluded on the edge of a ridge, in the trees, peering  into the valley.

Two queen beds in the sleeping loft, from where you will find a superb vista, and a  concealed chemical toilet for nighttime use.  A large wooden porch features a relaxing porch swing, hammock, and table.    Water is delivered by gravity from an uphill water house.   Light is from oil lamps or by lights powered by a small solar system. A gas-fired heater simulates a wood fire and provides comfort and ambiance to the cabin. There is no air conditioning, however. Outside you will find a clean, comfortable privy, a relaxing fire pit (wood provided), even a  corral for horses.  Trail to the river through the woods.  Check Availability

  • Pets welcome, horses too
  • Smoking outside only
  • Hand hewn log cabin
  • Off the power grid
  • Porch swing
  • Outside fire pit
  • Scenic view
  • 2 queen beds in loft
  • comfy 1800’s experience
  • Full cooking facilities
  • Secluded location
  • Access to river & canoes

Aunt Phoebe’s is not for small children or persons with disabilities. They must be able to negotiate the steep stairs to the sleeping loft.  Small or crawling children would not be trusted around the porch railings.  Pets are welcome.  Our usual dog rules apply: they must stay off the furniture, and they cannot be left alone inside unless confined to a crate.

Tariff:  $135/day;  per week, $810.00   (Two-day minimum)

Check Availability

In those days, time itself was very different. Distances were far greater than now, and from the timbered hills in winter, wood smoke drifted from cabins of simple people who had not yet learned these things.

Living was not easy, but folks did not know that then and set about getting on with their years in blissful ignorance. They were the people we came from — the ones we have forgotten mostly, except perhaps for a tattered photograph or scribbling in the family bible. What we can never really know is how they lived – how the world seemed for them each day living in a cabin in these hills.


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