Line Camp Cabin

Line Camp Cabin

A distance of generations

Discover the romance of yesteryear at Line Camp cabin, secluded in the trees not far from the river. This snug little retreat from the workaday world contains all the comforts of home a la 1880. The ultimate in romantic seclusion.  Retire from the porch swing in the evenings to the gentle light of kerosene lamps. Pump water from a hand pump and stoke the wood stove if there is a chill. Of course, there is a ‘path to the bath’.  A comfortable iron double bed provides for two people only.   A small antique gas range affords full cooking.  Included is a breakfast that you prepare.

From the cabin it is only a short walk to the river for fishing, canoeing, exploring.  An outside fire pit makes for mellow evenings around a cozy blaze.   Firewood is provided.  In fact, we think you will find everything you need.  Bring only your personal things and a sense of adventure.

  • Secluded away in the trees
  • Short walk to the river & canoes
  • Off the power grid – no electricity
  • Self catering (full cooking)
  • Maximum two people
  • Comfortable porch & swing
  • Wood stove for heat
  • Outside fire pit (wood provided)
  • Dogs welcome (simple rules)
  • Comfortable antique double bed
  • Horse pen
  • Smoking outside only

Not for everyone perhaps, but those that stay in the cabin love it! There is no electricity (no summer cooling), but there’s there is oh-so-much privacy!  One guest said, “If this is what the past was like, I don’t know why we bothered with the future.”  Bring your pet.   Smoking on porch.

Tariff:  Daily $120 for two  (2-night minimum)– Weekly, $720

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There was another cabin long ago.  I once met the old man who lived here as a boy.  He told us how it was.  It was hard, he said, looking back  — but we didn’t know that then; it was just living.  There was a spring for water at the bottom of the hollow, plenty of wood to cut for warmth, and a roof to stop the rain.  They enjoyed fishing, and the kids walked to school about three miles up on the ridge.  One sister liked to sing from the bluff top, he told us.  “She would belt out Irish songs at the top of her lungs.”  The family pulled through the hard times.

    The remains of that cabin are visible.  The old root cellar is out back.  If you know where to look, you can still find the corner rocks to the cabin.  The present cabin is newer, more comfortable perhaps, but some sense of “back then” still lingers here.


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