Fishing at Rock Eddy Bluff Farm

July 7, 2016 | All Posts

“I don’t know much,” I tell them.  “I can tell you where I see fishermen hang out on the river, the locations where they seem to catch fish.  But, since I am such a lousy fisherman myself, you need to know more about it than I do.”

In Rock Eddy below the bluff, you will find a point where the slough meets the river bending around a long island.   In the swirl created at that meeting point is where I see most fishermen.   Folks also can be seen fishing near the large rocks in the river below us, and I see them drifting and casting next the rocks along the shore.

But, folks who know fishing seem to do rather well in Rock Eddy.  Most use artificial lures and a spinner rig.  Guests at Rock Eddy Bluff Farm use one of our canoes or the jon boat found at the bottom of our trail to the river.

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canoe along river with bluff in background

p.s. The other day I was fishing with my grandson, David, next to the big rock (Thox Rock). I can’t explain what happened, but somehow I fell out of the boat. Splash, right in the water! As I was getting back in the boat I got the biggest strike of the day. Bent the rod double. But, of course I did not land it. It was another of our infrequent fishing exploits. I am certain that David often giggles when he thinks of fishing with grandpa. I plan on getting a new rod from

The Crew at Rock Eddy