Your Hosts

A Message From the Innkeepers

Rock Eddy Bluff Farm is a refuge. It has provided a haven to our guests over the years and our own sanctuary. Years ago, Kathy and Tom wished this place into being. It wasn’t easy!

We were in our late-40’s when we made some decisions that dramatically changed our lives. We moved back to the hills, determined to relax our pace of living and find time to dwell a little closer to the bone – to stop forever postponing enjoyments and start having them. We put more adventure in our lives. We spend more time appreciating.

Years later our daughter’s family came to live on the Bluff. We see our grandchildren almost daily on only a short trek through the trees. Now there are more of us, but we reside well away from the privacy of our guest’s accommodations. We all believe that we are profoundly lucky to have this special place….that we should share it!

We are greatly enriched by our guests. While we live in relative seclusion, we are stimulated by contact with the diverse and interesting folks who travel down our long lane. We are blessed.

smiling family in front of ATV

Why the name “Rock Eddy Bluff?”?  Entering Maries County from the south, the Gasconade River curves in a broad sweep against wooded hills, quickens over a shoal, then relaxes into a deeper pool set against limestone bluffs. Because a series of large boulders rise above the water here, this short stretch of the river has long been known locally as “Rock Eddy “.  It is on the high bluffs above that we built our house. Hence the name: “Rock Eddy Bluff”.

We published a book in early 2008 about our life in the hills, stories from hereabouts, history, special travel experiences, and reflections and musings on various gentle topics. The title is “A High Sunny Place”. It was composed from our perch high on the Ozark Bluff above Rock Eddy. It can be ordered here or you can peruse a copy in your cabin during your next visit.