We Thank Our Stars

We are proud of the reviews of Rock Eddy Bluff Farm. We are almost consistently 5 Stars. But wait a minute. Why is that? It’s not the whole story. Thanks to the information on our webpage and elsewhere on the internet, guests at Rock Eddy Bluff Farm know in advance what to expect — if this place is for them. No, we […]

Fishing at Rock Eddy Bluff Farm

“I don’t know much,” I tell them.  “I can tell you where I see fishermen hang out on the river, the locations where they seem to catch fish.  But, since I am such a lousy fisherman myself, you need to know more about it than I do.” In Rock Eddy below the bluff, you will […]

New Faces a Rock Eddy Bluff Farm

They are becoming ensconced in the Bluffhouse overlooking the River.  “THEY” are our daughter, Heather, son-in-law, Paul Walker, and munchkins: Declan (10), Lily Grace (8), Raleigh (5), and Rowan (3).  What a crew!! This is a big change for all us us The Walkers come complete with a dog, two horses and lots of energy.  The old folks — Tom & Kathy have taken up residence in […]

The Great Mama Road (Route 66)

If you had wings and could fly south at Rock Eddy Bluff Farm, you would reach the old Mother Road (Rt. 66) in roughly 12 miles.    For those of us who can’t fly across the river, a bridge is required.  That puts the mileage at about 25 miles. Today it is shown  on maps […]

The Foundling: A New Dog at the Bluff

Somehow she found her way to Rock Eddy Bluff Farm.  To us!  Our lives intersected last fall.  We like to think that after a rough start in her dog life, Polly found her way to dog heaven at Rock Eddy. Perhaps you will recall that our dog, Ike The Fat Bastard, ended his life in June […]

Old Horse, Sad Day

The mare was in pain.  It showed easily in the way she stood and moved.  Her discomfort was hard to watch.  She was a beloved family horse.  Now, the days of brisk rides in fields or woods were over.  She was beyond that.  She was about 25 years old. If you have never had to face […]

Found on the Internet, a Surprise

We were pleased when a guest sent us a post “Six Totally Awesome Nature Spots in Missouri“.  #1 on the list: Clifty Creek. Now, Clifty Creek Hollow is within view from our two cottages perched on the land above the river. As it breaks out of the hollow and meanders thru the river bottom land, Clifty Creek merges with […]

Rock Eddy Bluff From On High

We are getting that feelin’.  No, winter is not over, but neighbors are pouring over seed catalogs.  Our resident bald eagles are on their nest below the bluff.  We have been visiting old house places back in the timber hereabouts, thinking about how it was living in these hill years ago. Weather has been good enough […]

Ike, the Fat Bastard

He got old.  He wore out.  He lived with us for fourteen years.  We know nothing about his life before he came to us, and we don’t know how old he was when he arrived.  We speak of him in the past tense because today we had to put him down.  Ike died today. I […]