Stickney, Once a One-Room Store, Now Long Gone

It is still on some maps. It was gone before I was a boy (and I ain’t no youngster). A horse and wagon trip to Dixon would take all day and maybe then some. But lots of hill folks walked to Stickney. I am sure you could buy coal oil for your lamps. And the photo (taken a few years ago) shows an old-time gasoline pump. I’d guess bolts of cloth, cooking staples, rifle shells, and some sort of sweetening for the kids could be obtained at Stickney. Think of Stickney as an ancient convenience store sitting on the side of a hill above the creek bottom just off the dirt road the leads to our own “Clifty Dale Road”.

old Stickney Store

Stickney is fading from memory, the building rapidly returning to the earth.  That is why we gave its name to our recently completed cottage.  We are proud of the cottage and the fact that the name will survive at Rock Eddy Bluff Farm.  Our “Stickney Hall Cottage” has many unique appointments.  While the cottage is fully modern and comfortable, we have used materials from barns, old houses,  and falling-down cabins in the local hills.   We think it is impressive in its own way. Check our our description on our website.

You’ens come see us.

Tom & Kathy