Winter Hideaway a in Secluded Cabin in the Woods

November 13, 2019 | Blog

Guests often tell us how they yearn to be secluded in the woods away from the holiday frenzy.   Rustic, secluded cabins perched in the trees at the end of our wooded lane can provide that escape. We know because we have hidden away in those cabins ourselves.  Perhaps it only takes a couple of days away to clear your minds, to reset your attitude before once more charging into the fray.

cabin in snow with man walking next to trees
Line Camp Rustic Cabin in the Woods

OK, I admit this is overstating the issue for some of you.  Perhaps you cannot get enough of the holiday bustle.  Others, like me, find release in being secluded in the woods, leaving responsibilities behind for a time.

Consider a slow morning in your cabin. Perhaps there is snow in the woods and the warmth of a fire holding you inside. You’ll slowly finish your coffee, or ease into a book you have been reading, or simply to stretch out over a gentle thought.  No noise at all but for a breeze easing through the woods.  Your daily responsibilities turned away.  Conversations are now slow and gentle. You find it pleasant to just be.

“Cabin Time” we call it!  And over the years, we credit it with preserving a bit of sanity that has been wavering during those busy holiday seasons.

You will find it easy to reserve one of our secluded cabins after Thanksgiving and lasting into the new year.   Look Here.

We wish you a refreshing holiday season!

Tom,  Kathy,  Heather  and the Rock Eddy Bluff  Farm Gang