Canoes Break Loose, Head for New Orleans

They didn’t get far. They ended up in a drift about 4 miles down river. We were away tending to the birthing and hospitalization of our daughter, so we did not even miss them.  But the Gasconade River is been in a grumpy mood lately as it is responsible for the runoff of recent spring rains.

canoe alongside river with bluffs in background

It seems that two of our canoes must have torn loose from their chains and made a break for freedom.  We were made aware of it from a phone call that we received while we were away.  “I have your canoes.”   What canoes, we replied.  “We found two canoes with the name Rock Eddy Bluff in a drift.  You can come get them.”  Sure, we answered.  “Oh yes, there will be a ransom,” the caller replied, mentioning a figure of roughly the value of the canoes.

Well, we have not gotten the canoes or payed the ransom, as we are still otherwise occupied.  Don’t know if we will either.  Anyone know where we can find a canoe or two at a fair price?Meanwhile the river is still high.  We are confident the rains will  stop soon.  But up in the hills and on the bluff the magic of spring is spreading fast.  Kathy has found morel mushrooms….accidentally near the house.  The critters are in a frenzy in the woods as they are each spring.

Perhaps we will see you.

The Hired Man