Found on the Internet, a Surprise

We were pleased when a guest sent us a post “Six Totally Awesome Nature Spots in Missouri“.  #1 on the list: Clifty Creek. Now, Clifty Creek Hollow is within view from our two cottages perched on the land above the river. As it breaks out of the hollow and meanders thru the river bottom land, Clifty Creek merges with the Gasconade River right below Rock Eddy Bluff where our canoes are located. See article here.

Cliffy Creek Hollow has played a major role in our lives here at Rock Eddy Bluff Farm. Tom grew up making adventures up the creek and we both have spent many, many enjoyable hours there. It is even great during the winter, as this photo of our long-time guests and friends shows.

two older children alongside river and bluff holding dog

So we were pleased again to find buried in the material used in the above article, a blog from another of our guests featuring many Clifty Creek photos.   Check them out.

We were down on the creek a couple of days ago.  Buds on the soft maples are swelling.  Soon Clifty Hollow will be bustin’ out with spring.  It is sumptin to see!

Hoping we’ll see ya soon, Kathy & Tom