New Faces a Rock Eddy Bluff Farm

June 20, 2016 | All Posts

They are becoming ensconced in the Bluffhouse overlooking the River.  “THEY” are our daughter, Heather, son-in-law, Paul Walker, and munchkins: Declan (10), Lily Grace (8), Raleigh (5), and Rowan (3).  What a crew!! This is a big change for all us us The Walkers come complete with a dog, two horses and lots of energy.  The old folks — Tom & Kathy have taken up residence in Stickney Hall Cottage, roughly 200 yards distant from “the crew.” The plan is to turn “the crew” into a well-oiled machine, specializing in cleaning and making up cabins, as well as repairing, lifting, greeting guests, and the myriad of must-do jobs here in the hills. Smiling people standing next to ATV  

Tom and Kathy are still getting around, though perhaps a bit slower. We are so pumped about having the Walkers here and getting to see the grandchildren “up close and personal” as they grow up. It is a privilege accorded to only a few.

Mobilizing the crew to do their jobs requires “The Beast,” shown in the photo. From the left: Heather, Rowan, Raleigh, Lily Grace, Declan, Paul, Kathy & Tom.

We have indoctrinated the crew on what wonderful folks we have as our Guests here on the Farm. “You will meet and enjoy folks that you would otherwise not be in contact with,”we tell them. Already the kids have paired up with guest’s kids and had a high old time splashing in the creek.

There will be more to come, no doubt!

Los Abuelitos, Kathy and Tom