Old Horse, Sad Day

The mare was in pain.  It showed easily in the way she stood and moved.  Her discomfort was hard to watch.  She was a beloved family horse.  Now, the days of brisk rides in fields or woods were over.  She was beyond that.  She was about 25 years old.

man with brown and white horse
lady giving shot to horse
horse laying on ground with lady next to him

If you have never had to face it, the act of putting a horse down is complicated.  You must schedule the backhoe for the digging of the hole.  You must make certain of a veterinarian with the proper chemical for the euthanasia.  In our case recently, we decided that those grandkids who wished could watch the procedure.  Then there are the tears and the covering of the hole.

child petting horse laying on ground

The tears are for the good times shared with the mare over the years.   But, we must also recognize that the mare had people who cared enough about her to put her to rest peacefully, to put an end to the pain.  Also, a little girl to pat her and tell her that everything will be alright.

The mare’s name was Phoebe.

Goodbye Phoebe!

From Rock Eddy Bluff,  Tom & Kathy