On the Coast of Wales

She finds scraps of wood on the beach.  At home she converts them into whimsical miniature paintings of scenes of her adopted home in Wales.  They are visually pleasing and seem to me to be coaxing our presence into the scene.  They harken to a way of life that contrasts with our own.

I include them here in this blog about the ozark hills — as my grandkids say — just “because”.

Valeriane Leblond is a young French French woman who lives with her husband in Wales.  You will find more about her and her art at http://www.valeriane-leblond.eu/home.html   Luckily she posts in three languages: French, Welch, and English.


artwork of house with lady and man in front
artwork of house, person and sheep
artwork of house and quilts on line, ducks in front
artwork of house with quilts on line
artwork of house with cows in front and clothes on line