The Foundling: A New Dog at the Bluff

April 26, 2016 | All Posts

Somehow she found her way to Rock Eddy Bluff Farm.  To us!  Our lives intersected last fall.  We like to think that after a rough start in her dog life, Polly found her way to dog heaven at Rock Eddy.

Perhaps you will recall that our dog, Ike The Fat Bastard, ended his life in June of last year. We believe he had a great life, we feed him the best blue buffalo dog food, we took him on walks and got him so many toys.  Losing him was wrenching, but since that time we had not mentioned a replacement for Ike. The year moved ahead, months turning like pages.   Then, one day in October we received news.   Our guests had found them– obviously dumped, three dogs at the small parking lot at Clifty Creek Natural Area near Rock Eddy Bluff.

The three of them had no experience in the outside world.  Evidence showed that they had been caged…. and starved.  They simply remained where they had been turned out.  Hoping!  Of the three, Polly was the worst, just a skeleton in a shaggy blonde coat.

And, she had obviously had pups at some point in her  young life.  (The vet estimated she was from one to three years of age.)

man with holding dog sitting in front of him man with arm around dog in vehicle

Unlike so many stories of dumped dogs, this one turned out well.  We claimed Polly, but that left two more dogs: a yellow lab and a younger golden retriever.  Perhaps it was providence: Some women were enjoying a girls weekend at Turkey Ridge Cottage.  We had mentioned to them the sad story of the dumped dogs.  “Can we see them?”  They both were then claimed, two of the women quickly on their phones, pleading with their husbands.

She is our dog now.  Even now, Polly will not venture far from the house.  And, she will eat practically anything.  She loves a slice of apple.  She is attentive, always near, anxious for her petting.  She has been found.

From the Bluff, Tom, Kathy, dogs: Polly & Peevee, and cat: Holstein