The Wondrous World of Travel

A few years ago Homer Simpson proclaimed, “Everything you need to know is on TV.” That, of course, was before the internet exploded into its present state.  Now you can find it all on your IPhone.  Anything!

We are reminded of this after a young woman, Kate, visited Rock Eddy Bluff Farm last fall.  When she emailed us recently and we discovered she has a travel website   It is a wonderful site if you love the experience of travel and is a place on the internet where you can spend some absorbing time.  Kate references places in the world that she is especially fond of (that includes Line Camp Cabin at Rock Eddy Bluff Farm).  If you are infatuated with Paris, she has lots of info for you. She also publishes a free Ebook in which other travelers describe their favorite places to visit.  There is much more on the site and I have it bookmarked for further enjoyment.

people near river

Guests take in the view from the bluff edge

Kate has written a wonderful blog about her visit to Rock Eddy Bluff Farm. It is a vivid description of her connection to the land and the small cabin, along with some great photographs. Here is a link directly to that Blog:

About the Author: Kate is a travel junkie at heart. She lives for exploring cultures, food, history and local life and is currently scheming ways to get enough time free to walk the Camino de Santiago de Compostela. Get Trip Logic Updates by Email.

The internet still baffles me! 

The Hired Man