Through the Eyes of a Child

We adults can sometimes gain a sense of how a child is learning, knowing, wondering.  So, Kathy and I appreciate when one of our younger visitors leaves us something that gives us a clue about how they experienced Rock Eddy Bluff Farm.  Ivy and her family have stayed with us at Turkey Ridge Cottage on several occasions.  She and her brother, Oliver, spend most of the day out-of-doors, experiencing the woods and rural life.

handwritten note

Ivy’s note when leaving Turkey Ridge Cottage

On day one of Ivy’s stay it became quite important to note the order of awakening of her family members.  What they ate and the games they played also figured into the things she will remember. Her mom noted that they identified new wildflowers, explored, had campfires and enjoyed the views.  I know Oliver loved his stay as he asked specifically to go to the barn and look at the tractor.  Apparently he is still a little too young for that, as the stationary tractor scared him a little. In all, it was a successful time for Ivy’s family and for us also.

You see, we tend to get a thrill out of our guest’s enjoyment.  Lovely people make us happy.  Good times with kids keep us young.And they all thought the fresh asparagus from the garden was the best ever.

The hired Man and Missus

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