We Thank Our Stars

May 16, 2017 | All Posts

We are proud of the reviews of Rock Eddy Bluff Farm. We are almost consistently 5 Stars. But wait a minute. Why is that? It’s not the whole story. 

Thanks to the information on our webpage and elsewhere on the internet, guests at Rock Eddy Bluff Farm know in advance what to expect — if this place is for them. No, we are not for everyone!   Those folks attracted to tourist crowds and flurries of activity are not those who come here. (In fact, those folks may rate us lower.) Rather, guests come here to get away from all that. Our folks are different.

Folks who come to Rock Eddy are much like us. There is a kinship. So, we might reliably presume the reasons our guests chose to come here: They come for the breeze in the trees, the peace in the hills, the fish in the river, jaunts up the creek, the wildlife in the timber, splashing in the water, evenings around the campfire, the hooting of owls and the singing of coyotes, rest. Same as us.

And, judging from the reviews we get, they love it here.