The Rock Point at Indian House Bluff 

It is not far.  Just down an ancient path leading from the cottage.  Following the narrow, winding path through the trees, footsteps lead out onto a level rock point jutting over the Gasconade river valley. It has been an important location for centuries.  It is where many of my boyhood memories were inscribed.  Many years […]

Stickney, Once a One-Room Store, Now Long Gone 

It is still on some maps. It was gone before I was a boy (and I ain’t no youngster). A horse and wagon trip to Dixon would take all day and maybe then some. But lots of hill folks walked to Stickney. I am sure you could buy coal oil for your lamps. And the […]

On the Coast of Wales 

She finds scraps of wood on the beach.  At home she converts them into whimsical miniature paintings of scenes of her adopted home in Wales.  They are visually pleasing and seem to me to be coaxing our presence into the scene.  They harken to a way of life that contrasts with our own. Valeriane Leblond […]

Green Up 

These are time times we all yearn to be shed of winter — man and beast! My feeling on the subject is already known. But, consider these cattle on the pasture across the river. They too yearn for green. Look closely and you can see the beginnings of green grass. Very soon “green up” will […]

Winter’s Isolation Circa 1850 

Snow, bitter cold, and confinement have me considering.  What would it have been like in years past?  Now, consider that you have been relocated to the mid-1800’s in a log cabin in the woods or a soddy out on the prairie.  The first priority is providing heat — some way to combat the terror of […]

Pickin’ Up Papas and Putting ’em in your Pocket 

In the fall, select papa trees produce fruit.  Racoons love ’em and even some people.  I won’t say that they are tasty fare, but they are often referred to as “Missouri bananas” by those with active imaginations.  At any rate, it is a quiet occupation to pick your way up the river bank and along the […]