Through the Eyes of a Child 

We adults can sometimes gain a sense of how a child is learning, knowing, wondering.  So, Kathy and I appreciate when one of our younger visitors leaves us something that gives us a clue about how they experienced Rock Eddy Bluff Farm.  Ivy and her family have stayed with us at Turkey Ridge Cottage on […]

The Wondrous World of Travel 

A few years ago Homer Simpson proclaimed, “Everything you need to know is on TV.” That, of course, was before the internet exploded into its present state.  Now you can find it all on your IPhone.  Anything! We are reminded of this after a young woman, Kate, visited Rock Eddy Bluff Farm last fall.  When she emailed […]

Canoes Break Loose, Head for New Orleans 

They didn’t get far. They ended up in a drift about 4 miles down river. We were away tending to the birthing and hospitalization of our daughter, so we did not even miss them.  But the Gasconade River is been in a grumpy mood lately as it is responsible for the runoff of recent spring rains. It […]

Indian House Bluff Cottage Back 

This spring and summer we will again be opening our Indian House Bluff Cottage.  This is good news for many guests who have loved the cottage and its scenic location. Some updates have been made to the cottage since last open, including a wooden deck with a wonderful view into the river valley below. Indian […]